Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Workaholic!

I have become a bit of a workaholic since getting here...well actually I was a bit of one back home too, but I have taken it to a whole new level recently. 
I have always been one of those people who would rather be busy then bored, and normally that means I commit myself to way to many clubs, organizations, projects, or whatever I can really...taking on more then is ALMOST manageable just so I am never bored. 

After three weeks I think I have finally gotten into the swing of things with my research and my work with Navsarjan, and it feels great. The fact is I came here to work, to learn, to get some experience in the field, and to help make a difference, and that is exactly what I am doing. I work six days a week like everyone else at Navsarjan and have Sundays off, usually. (Today I went with the lawyer to take more photos to document the pollution  case we are currently working on.)
 It feels good to be excited about the work you are doing, to feel as though you have a purpose, and like you are making a difference in the world. 
I just keep coming up with more programs, workshops, surveys, and research items I want to work is kind of crazy...but a good crazy a passionate kind of crazy. 

This type of work is what I am truly passionate about. 
And I think to myself "how lucky am I to have discovered it at such a young age?!" 
This passion is going to take me many places in life, and I can't wait. 

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