Thursday, July 19, 2012

Building Friendships Beyond Language Barriers

For the last month almost (can't believe its almost been a month already) I have been spending my evenings with the girls pictured below. They always made sure I ate, even when there wasn't enough food for the rest of the girls. Then we would sit on the lawn outside my office and they would ask me questions (Sushma would translate), teach me Gujarati, I would teach them english or yoga... but somehow despite a language barrier a friendship was formed. But yesterday I had to say goodbye to the last of them as they had finished their classes and had to get back home. I am going to visit them this weekend in their village and they are all incredibly excited, and truth be told so am I. It will be nice to get off DSK campus, have some home cooked meals, and see a different part of India. 

Them trying to teach me how to use their machine, I couldn't even thread the needle that morning. 

I know its blurry but it was just such a perfect moment. 
They had their last meal at DSK with Sushma and I in our office. 
I am really going to miss seeing their faces around campus though. Out of all the girls here they took the time to get to know me, to try to learn english, and to invite me to their home. 

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