Thursday, July 26, 2012

Music is medicine for the SOUL

There are many things that I have grown to love in my life time. I love what I study, my family, my friends, traveling, inspiration quotes and people, and music. I LOVE music, especially live music. There are three things I am always willing to spend my money on without question: my education, traveling, and music. 
I LOVE going to live shows! While festivals are my favorite, I love every type of concert whether it is an intimate coffee venue with less than fifty people, or a huge sell out concert with 75,000 screaming fans. I love them all. 
There is just something about being a part of the whole experience... the music seeps into your soul and takes over your body as you let the musicians determine the rhythm of your heart and feet. 
It has the ability to make you feel human again, to give life to an emotion you have felt or are feeling but never knew how to express. Being out in the audience with all the other adoring fans, makes you feel as though you are a part of something bigger... that you are not alone.
 All of the people around you know exactly what you are feeling because they feel it to. 

 (Tiesto at club Privilege in Las Vegas...I snuck backstage so I could get as close as possible.)

I worship the arts...I myself was not fortunate enough to be given the gift of music, but I have become an avid supporter going to shows whenever I possible can. I think in a world that can seem so big, in which we can feel so distraught and alone... It is important to remind ourselves from time to time that we are not alone and that feeling something is not only human but good for the soul. We can do this by going to a good show and getting lost in music. Music is medicine for the soul. 

 Until the day I die, I will love music and praise those talented enough to pluck at my heart strings and refresh my spirit for the days that follow their show. 
While all art may express that which makes us human. To me... music gives voice to the secrets of the heart and the will of the body on a wave length that everyone can appreciate and fall in line with... and because of that I will always and forever love music. 

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