Friday, July 20, 2012

There's Something About Flowers...

My love for flowers started at some point when I was a child, I can't remember when it started exactly, but my love for them has only grown the older I got. It might have all started when I used to help my Mom plant her flower pots for Mother's Day or when my sister became a florist. A job which I would later take, and grow to love. There is just something about their color, their aroma, their soft texture...that just makes a person smile and instantly feel less stressed.  

Today was an especially stressful day and I found myself missing the flower I normally pick up on my way to the office. 

For the better part of this last week I have been preparing a Concept note for the European Union 2012 Call for Proposals. It was only yesterday that I realized the deadline for the concept note was today and not the 22nd like we had thought. So I spent the better part of the morning trying to convince my coworkers that we had to send in the concept note without the director's approval. I had Martin the founder (and technically the director's boss) look at and edit the concept note and finally got his permission to send it in. Sending in a concept note without Manjula's permission is usually never done, but I did not want this wonderful organization to miss out on the opportunity to get some much needed extra funding for its programs. 

 After dealing with a deadline, language barriers, one Man's a vow of silence (Martin is currently taking a vow of silence for a month to finish some projects), and some ill at ease employees; my nerves were pretty worked up. I decided to walk back to my room to get some air and pick one of the plumerias that grow outside of my room. As I put the flowers soft petals to my nose and breathed in deep I instantly felt better. There is just something about flowers that instantly can make you feel better. 

So if you ever wonder what you should get a friend whose been stressed out at work, working really hard, just finished a project, or just because you love them...think about getting them a nice bouquet of flowers...ones that smell good are especially calming.  

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