Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photo Shoot

Right before I left for India, I decided to buy myself a nice DSLR camera (still not sure parents who are sometimes to generous may or may not have covered the cost of it)...but honestly it was one of the best purchases I could have ever made. 

The six girls pictured below are among the girls I have grown closest too in the last two weeks. Every night after dinner I go and sit with them on the lawn in front of DSK and teach them things like English words, yoga, or I just talk with them. When they found out I had a nice camera they drowned Sushma about asking me to take their photos in different styles as Sushma says all dolled up in their saris. I was more then happy to comply, and so last Sunday my room was invaded with girls getting ready for their long over due photo shoot. The amount of happiness these photos have brought these girls is honestly inspiring. It is a reminder to me at least that it is the little things in life that make it all worth while. 
But I had to share with you some of the photos from that day...Enjoy!





The girls took the camera from me and insisted that I be in a couple of pictures with them.
Cute outfit I know but it was a Sunday (my day off) and I thought I was going to be taking the photos. They are all very sweet though they all wanted pictures with me and in my sunglasses and hat. Next photo shoot they really want to borrow my clothes...anything foreign especially something from the U.S. is really exciting to them, but I can understand for most of these girls there time here at DSK marks the first time they have been outside of their village.   

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