Monday, July 16, 2012

My Love for Books

As a child I used to love to read, I would eat through books, staying up way past my bed time just to finish a good book. In grade school we used to get these book catalogs once a month, and I can still remember running home to my Mom to ask for pretty much everything in the catalog...and then the excitement that came when I finally had my new books. I used to sit on the floor in my room and alphabetize the books on my bookshelf, lovingly giving each one of them a place of honor. I know kind of weird, but I really did love reading. I loved the places these books took me, and the friends that they gave me. I never felt alone when I had a good book to turn to. 

But the further along I got in school the more and more reading became an obligation, an assignment, a task that I would rush through just so that I could move onto the next one. 
Especially this past year after reading literally hundreds of pages a week, I often felt too burnt out to read for pleasure. 

But I am happy to report that I have re-found my love for literature. Since being here I have finished four books. Whenever I start to feel lonely or bored I turn to a book, and instantly I feel comforted. As I  breeze through the pages I am transported to another person's life, another time, another place, and I feel at home. Like a good friend, reading has welcomed me back like no time has past. 
My only wish is that I would have brought more books to read.

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