Saturday, July 7, 2012


Currently there are about 150 girls taking classes and living on campus with me. They are enrolled in one of three classes: sari dress design and tailoring, punjabi dress design and tailoring, or beautician training. Their classes run for three months...during which time they are only allowed to leave for one weekend after a month and half to visit their parents. 
Then after three months there is a graduation ceremony with all of the girls. At the ceremony they are acknowledge for their accomplishments and then the ceremony is followed by an extravagant dinner. 
(The dinner was honestly some of the best food I have had here yet... Samosas so good)

The ceremony started with everyone following two drummers in one lap around the campus, then we all filled the auditorium. 

Above is all the faculty and staff who run the DSK campus and programs. 
The ones graduating are the girls with the blue sashes on.

 During the convocation they announced the winners of a number of contests they run throughout the course of the three months. Certificates and prize money is handed out to the girls who performed they best. The money the win will help most of them start their own businesses. The competitions include speech, essay writing, journal writing, reading comprehension, business ideas for themselves, and events in track and field. 
I unknowingly was included into the program. I had to hand out the certificates and prizes to the girls who were recognized for their journal writing. After I was done handing out the envelopes the girls were each given a chance to say a few words, then I had to say a few words. 
Talk about being put on the spot...I said something about invest in will take you far...and finally if you believe in yourself and are willing to work then anything is possible. 
Not my finest speech, Martin had to translate it and I am not entirely sure the girls understood what I was saying. 

The entire event took a little over an hour and then we feasted. It was such good food, I really wish I had some pictures of it to show you. Oh well I will be here for the next convocation on August 15th and then I will know what to expect. 

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