Sunday, July 29, 2012

Discovering Something New...A Musical Instrument

One of my favorite things about traveling, is when I come across something new, something I have never seen, heard, or tasted before. 

This week while I was visiting the schools Navsarjan runs I came across this little gem. The school manager at the second school I visited (who was really quite a character) pulled this instrument out and started playing it while Manjula was going over the figures with the other teachers. 

I tried to ask them what it was called, but honestly I couldn't pronounce the name they told me. So if anyone can tell me what it is named, I would be ever so grateful. It kind of sounded like an accordion. 
It all folded down into a neat little box too, that was about half the size of what is pictured above.
Today I am grateful for still being able to discover things I have never seen before that take me pleasantly by surprise. 

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