Monday, July 2, 2012

The Local Farm

That family whose home I visited in the local village and took pictures of were kind enough to invite me to their farm. Sushma and I went after work on Friday 

The calf was only born a couple of days ago. 
 The mom and her calf.

The green beans from lunch at DSK that day come from this field. 

The field above was full of Indian cucumbers... which it turns out our orange. 
One of the farm hands who worked there. 

The Husband and Wife who owned the farm. 

their granddaughter...she was so cute 

 Two of the other farm hands I met.
Can you believe the size of that cucumber?

The family's farm had all types of vegetables and a couple of empty fields that were reserved for rice, but they won't plant until the rain starts. Unfortunately the rains are extremely late this year, but they weren't worried. Despite being a wealthier family, they were incredibly humble and generous. 
They gave Sushma and me all kinds of vegetables to cook with. The last picture above is Sushma with all of the goodies they gave us.

We are going to use those vegetables to cook dinner tonight...Im excited Sushma is a really good cook. 

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