Saturday, August 4, 2012

Questioning the Quality of Man

Yesterday I went on another field visit. We went to go meet four boys who were wrongfully arrested by the police. The oldest boy was 12 and the youngest one was 8. They had been arrested by the police and then held for three days while the police tortured them. The police refused to let the boys eat, or go to the latrine while they held them in custody.

 I edited the report that was to be sent out about this case a month ago, but yesterday was the first time I actually got to met the boys. The police tried to cover their tracks by accusing the boys of stealing a memory card from a person's phone. The person who supposedly filed that complaint had never even been to the police station. He was incredibly scared about how they had gotten his name and what would happen to him if he got involved in the case. 

The four police officers and the police chief who were involved in the torture all have been transferred, but no charges have been filed against them at this time. The boys were only released from jail because immense amounts of public pressure and media coverage. Taking criminal action against the police officers is another case all together. After seeing the boys and talking to their fathers we decided to file an affidavit with the High Court. 

The boys were screamed at, starved, beaten, and tortured for three days. The police officers used nails on the boys puncturing their skin all over, and still a over month later you could see the scares. As we talked about the details of the case I could see the one of the boys reliving those painful three days in his head. He starred off into the distance with pain in his eyes, he had been the main one they said stole the memory card.

 It is hard to believe that something like this can happen. That men who are suppose to protect and serve their country can instill such fear and terror in its people. It makes you wonder "who are the good guys?", and "how can you tell?"I am glad we decided to take this case on... and that the fear of failing has not prevented the act of trying. We will try and seek justice for these boys and show that there are still some people within the justice system of moral substance. 
I know there is still quality men in this world, but when i come across cases like this one it is hard to believe sometimes. 
How can some people be so cruel? How can they inflict such pain?

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