Friday, August 3, 2012

Indian Food

One of the things I love most about India is the food. As a vegetarian it is wonderful being in a place where non-vegetarian options are the rarity and vegetarian options are the standard. India is one of the few places in the world where a statement like that is true. After being a vegetarian for almost two years now, I have come quite accustomed to finding delicious vegetarian alternatives in a predominantly meat eating world. But here I don't have to think twice about whether I can eat something. 
And despite being told to be careful with the food I eat, I have ate pretty much everything set in front of me...and luckily for me I haven't gotten sick. (I really I hope I didn't just jinx it though)

So today I have decided to start introducing you to some of the delicious street food I have been eating here. SAMOS (pictured above)...are definitely some of my all time favorite food, and while they can't that healthy for you, they are incredibly delicious. And this deliciously deep fried and often potato filled (though other vegetables and/or meat also are used as fillers depending on who is making them) treat will cost you all of 10 rupees. 

Another delicious treat Sushma introduced me to are these Pata Vatas (potato pies). Also probably not the healthiest thing you can find in India, but they are spiced to perfection with a crunchy exterior and potato filled interior. I got 5-6 of these little gems for 10 rupees. I know I am a big spender, but I couldn't resist those delicious potatoes....haha. 

If your haven't caught on I really seem to like what they do here with potatoes and a deep frier. But I have decided that the food here is just to good to keep to myself, so I am going to keep showing you ne delicious food as I come across it. This way you will know exactly what to try if you ever make it to India, or an Indian restaurant. 
You should really just try everything because its all delicious. But even if you are stuck in the States, I beg of you to go get yourself a good samosa. I promise you won't regret it. 

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