Friday, August 24, 2012

Lake Udaipur

After a week offline I am finally coming back to the blogging world to finish my photo tour of India with my Mom and Aunt. After a whirlwind tour of Ahmedabad, we went to Lake Udaipur for the weekend. We left midday thursday after going to see Sarkhej Roza. It took five hours by car to get to Lake Udaipur but it was well worth the drive. 

Pictured above and below is Sarkhej Roza. It was really a beautiful place and they were in the process of restoring it, so that was nice to see. 

  Above is the view from our hotel in Lake Udaipur. 

Pictured above and below the local market.

 My mom really wanted to feed the monkeys (something they tell you not to do) ignored her for a while at first. 

 We took a boat tour of the lake.And stopped at the island below to get refreshments and walk around. 

The flowers were just to beautiful not to take a picture of. 

City Palace, we had to go back twice because we missed the museum part the first time.

On the second day we went to a fort about an hour an half away. It was absolutely beautiful even though it was fogged in most of the morning.

A man we met on our hike into the valley.

The main fort is pictured above. 

The gate to the fort we drove through. It has the second longest wall in the world behind the Great Wall in China.

Above more of the grounds in the fort. 

The drive to get to the place was absolutely amazing and we made the driver stop a million times to take photos. 

I had an absolutely wonderful time with my Mom and Aunt. It was nice getting the royal treatment for a weekend and playing tourist after working here. I hope they enjoyed the rest of their time in India. I am glad they decided to make the trip. 
In my time here I have found that this really is a beautiful country with so much culture and life. 

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