Thursday, August 16, 2012

Indian Photo Tour Part 2

Because of internet complications it looks like you are going to get two posts today of photos. Unfortunately, I am a horrible tourist and I visited so many sights in the first two days my Mom and Aunt were here that I really do not know most of the places names we went to. 
But I figured photos are a nice break from my usual text heavy posts. 

These are all pictures from the last temple we visited our first full day touring around Ahmadabad.

I wasn't really suppose to take pictures in this temple, but the architecture was so beautiful I couldn't resist. I received a harsh scolding from a worshiper though when I got caught. 
After that I didn't take a picture in a place I wasn't suppose to for the rest of our trip. I realized out of respect to my friends who are Hindu, I should respect the rules of the temples. 

 Mom my wanted to ring the bell, but her height was a bit of a problem. She ended up having to jump it was really funny...she was like a four year old who just discovered her new toy makes noise. 

We went to Vasala for dinner. It was an amazing restaurant that was both an experience and a great meal. They served delicious Gujarati specialities, and honestly the amount of food you got for ten dollars was insane. They even gave you goody bags with peacock feathers to take home as a souvenir when we left. 

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