Thursday, August 30, 2012

Centre for Science and Environment

This reason I was off line last week was because I was in Delhi for a training at the Centre for Science and Environment. I spent five long days from 10a.m. to 6p.m. learning everything I possible could about the Environmental Impact Assessment Report and the Social Impact Assessment Report. 
All business who wish to set up an industry or expand a current project must fill out these reports so that the government can assure that they are using the best possible practices to mitigate their negative impact on the environment and the individuals who live in the surrounding area. 
That is the theory anyway. Though from my experience a majority of these EIA reports are done in a hurry and there is no monitoring body that assures the industries actually follow threw with all the promises they make in these reports. 

Above is the picture of the class after our certificate ceremony. 
(the guard didn't really know how to work the camera...but it was a good crew)

I went with Sushma and Laxman to the training.

Though the training seemed incredibly long at times, I am glad I went. It gave me a whole new perspective on development, and provided me with a bunch of information about what practices and technologies different industry should and can use to reduce their impact on the environment. Plus I made some amazing contacts that will really help me with my research for my capstone project. 

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