Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad!

As I have said before I really do think my father is a brilliant man. And since today is his Birthday, I have decided to dedicate this post to him and what I have learned from him over the years. So here it goes...some of the wonderful things I have learned from my amazing father:

...that people who may seem quiet at first usually have the most interesting things to say.

...that you are never to old to have a good time around a bon fire. He also taught me how to build that wonderful fire.

...that the beauty of the stars can bring peace to a person's soul.

...that the world we live in is a gift that should be respected, which means you should never litter and you should always stop to pick up trash when you can (especially if it is floating in the river or lake you usually ski on).

...that sunsets on the river fill the sky with shades of "pretty pastels" that you should always take the time to stop and enjoy.

...that anything that creates waves and breaks up your beautiful glass for skiing on, is considered part of the dark side.

...that boats are the best mode of transportation and far more precious than cars. Boats provide a sense of serenity and adventure that no other vehicle can bring.

...that waterskiing is one of the best sports on earth, and that you should take pride in any of the falls you have doing it because it means you were pushing yourself to get better. (Side note my father is still the best skier in the family)

...that you should always check the tide schedules before you go out drinking, because waking up in water is not only dangerous but really not fun.

...that everyone is created equal. Some people were just given better opportunities then others.

...that less is more.

...that we create our own luck through hard work.

...that even if you do not like a job you should always do your best at it, because taking pride in the work you do and working hard is just the respectable thing to do.

...when we learn to be grateful for what we have, what we have will become enough to satisfy our desires.

...that a conversation that is heart felt and real is far better and a lot more memorable than a million little superficial encounters.

I could probably continue listing things my father taught me for another week, but these are just some of the first things that came to my mind as I thought about my father.  The truth is I know my learning from him has really just begun, and I am excited to see what other lessons he has to teach me in the future. Thanks for imparting your wisdom on me, I promise I won't ever forget it.

Happy Birthday DAD!
Hope it was a good one and that you got at least one ski run in.
Love you around the world and back!

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