Saturday, August 18, 2012

India Photo Tour Part 3

Day Two of my Mom and Aunt's adventure in Ahmadabad started out with a trip out to DSK. It was the day of the girls convocation so naturally they included my Aunt, my Mom, and me in the program. 

They opened with ceremony with a poem that said something about guests being as special as roses, and then threw flowers at us to honor our presence. 

After the ceremony was over my Aunt and Mom experienced DSK's cooking, and learned how to use the dishwashing station on campus.

After lunch we took a quick hiatus into the local village, so that I could take some photos for one of the cases I was working on. From there we went back to Ahmedabad to see all of the sites in the old city. 

First we went to this incredibly old was really big and had two other separate temples in its for the women and another for the men. 

My Mom and Aunt had their first rickshaw experience....After my Aunt said she understood what she had read somewhere that said "India was the dance of inches". 

My Mom and Aunt covering their hair to go into a historic mosque, only to be denied entry because their skirts were to short.

Above is the Old Fort in Old Ahmadabad. 

 Another Mosque that we all did get inside to see, though we were not allowed into the actual prayer hall. 

The tombs of some famous kings...
I wish I could tell you the name of all these places, But honestly we saw so much that day I couldn't keep it all straight. 

 Another Mosque. 

 My Mom and Aunt in front of the Lake that Minister Modi turned into a park for the residents of the city. 

Our last stop of the day was at our driver (my Indian brother) Ritesh's house so that my Mom and Aunt could meet his boys. 

It was a wonderful day, but incredibly long. But I can honestly say I think I have seen all the best/most touristy and historic parts of Ahmadabad now. 

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