Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meeting the Family in Nadiad

This past weekend Sushma took me to her home town of Nadiad so that I could meet her family. It was a wonderfully relaxing weekend filled with a lot of good food and down time chilling with the family. 

As per custom in India guests are always treated with the utmost care, and are constantly being feed. I actually think I gained three pounds this weekend from all the food they gave me. 

Pictured above and below is Sonu, Sushma's adorable son who is four years old. 

Above is a family photo of Sonu, Sanjiv, and Sushma on their bike. When they were showing me around the town I jumped on the bike behind Sushma. Definitely not one of the safest rides I have ever been on, but we weren't going very far and we never went very fast. 
Plus now I feel as though I can honestly say I have fully experienced every mode of transportation here in India. 

Above is Pani Puri...one of Sushma's favorite dishes. 

Nadubhai reading to his grandson. It was really cute how much Sonu loved his grandfather, they take a walk together every night after dinner. 

Sushma's inlaws Nadubhai and Shardaben whom Sonu and Sanjiv are currently living with. 

Sanjiv's family including his brother Asim. 

Pictured above is Sushma's family, two of her sisters, her parents, her brother in-law and her niece.

They all wanted a picture with me and the family. Sonu is an incredibly energetic little boy though and did not really want to sit still for the photo. 

This past weekend will probably be one of the first things that comes to my mind when I think back about the time I spent in India. It is amazing how much love this family had, and how readily they opened their home and their hearts to let me in. I am incredibly grateful to them all for their kindness and generosity and will cherish this weekend for the rest of my life. 

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