Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finals Week

Finals week is always the week that everyone dreads at school.
 It is a week of late nights, early mornings, tones of caffeine, and hours spent with your head in a book or glued to a computer screen just to so you can finish all of your last minute assignments or pass that final cumulative test. 

This is my last week here at DSK. Next week I will accompany the entire Navsarjan staff to Goa for their strategic planning meeting. The meeting will take place over a three day period,  during which time we will hear reports from all the field workers and district coordinators. Once we finish hearing about what was accomplished this past year, we will set to the task of planning the agenda for next year's work. I will be presenting all of my findings and work up to this point at the end of the third day. They gave me an hour to go through the environmental issues that I see threatening their target audience (the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes), and provide suggestions for how to mitigate those issues in a new Environment Issues Campaign I designed to be implemented over this next year.
My research and work in India is far from over. But having such a big presentation to prepare for makes me feel like its finals week all over. 
I have made my rather long to do list, (which just keeps getting longer) and now I am sitting down to work. With any luck I will be able to pull off this massive presentation and finish everything on my list. 
Wish Me Luck! 

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