Friday, June 29, 2012

Doing Laundry

DSK- is the college campus where I am currently staying, it is the home base of Navsarjan Trust. Before leaving for India I talked to one of my Professor and one of my program's alumni who had stayed at DSK before to get the low down on what to expect. What I was told was for the most part true, while some of the details given to me were definitely exaggerated others were dead on. 

One thing no one ever mentioned, and I never thought about was how I was going to do my laundry. Turns out I have to hand wash my laundry...which is totally fine. 
Thankfully, my parents raised me to be an independent and capable person... and I was one of a select group of freshman at USD who not only knew how to do my laundry, but did it on a regular basis.
 But now at the age of 22 I had to be taught all over again how to do my laundry (Indian style). Just thought I would add some of the photos...cause I thought they were kind of funny.

Look Ma...Im all done. Don't worry I hung my under garments inside my room, I didn't want to offend/excite the locals. 

For those of you who think doing laundry once a week or every two weeks even is a lot... Sushma told me I should clean the clothes I wear everyday when I go to shower so that it won't take me as long,  and because once the rain actually starts for the monsoon it will be harder to find a place to dry my clothes. 

Ah the wonderful and wacky experiences we gain while traveling. 

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